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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote better understanding of food and drink in pursuit of personal fulfilment, professional development and social change.

In support of this mission we deliver creative learning opportunities for students, engage the public through cultural events and provide a range of commercial services for partners and clients.

Our work

Cultural events

Our regular public events, from lectures and panel discussions to lunch clubs and hosted dinners, provide the perfect environment to learn about food, drink and culture and to meet other food enthusiasts.

Commercial services

We provide a range of commercial services for clients and partner organisations, all focused on food, drink and culture, including educational and creative consultancy; commissioned research; professional development programmes; and the creation and hosting of events.

Our approach

We encourage creative thinking that has positive social, cultural and business impacts.

Engaging a creative network

We can achieve much more together than we can as individuals. We use creative collaboration, drawing on the skills of those from an extensive, multi-disciplinary network, to achieve desired goals.

Ensuring fitness for purpose

Whether working with students to develop their knowledge and skills or with partners and clients to achieve specific goals, we aim to provide support that is creative, professional and fit for purpose.

Developing strong relationships

The success of every project is dependent on strong, respectful relationships between professionals with complementary skills. We provide multiple opportunities for individuals and organisations to connect so as to build working relationships that last.

Our Values

We believe informed appreciation and understanding of food and drink can lift the human spirit.


Food and drink education is a prism through which we can understand those from other cultures. Through creative learning we encourage respect for those from different cultural backgrounds.


Understanding food and drink cannot be a purely theoretical exercise. It requires cultural immersion and a positive and open attitude. The development of convivial and rewarding relationships lies at the heart of what we do.


We judge our success by our educational, cultural and social impact, and the positive change we achieve on behalf of partner organisations.

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