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Pulp Facts: Celebrating Citrus

Saturday, June 09 2018, 6pm - 10pm, at Napoleon House, Chartres Street, New Orleans


Members of the Oxford Cultural Collective team invite you to join them in New Orleans on June 9th 2018, at Pulp Facts: Celebrating Citrus, a seminar curated by Dr Jessica Harris, Patron of OCC, which is being hosted by the Historic New Orleans Collection.

Jeremy Lee and Jeremiah Tower, both Patrons of OCC, will be preparing a citrus-themed dinner with chef Chris Montero of the Napoleon House in the heart of the French Quarter. In addition, Jeremy and Don Sloan will be ‘in conversation’ on the topic Marmalade, Citrus and British Culinary Tradition.


The Menu


Three citrus preserved fishes & accompanying salads

Citrus scented Muscovy Duck, Louisiana popcorn rice, candied kumquats, toasted pecans and summer sage

Orange Flower Water and Almond Olive Oil Cake, Satsuma Curd Syllabub, Angelica Syrup


To learn more, and to book for the seminar and dinner, follow this link.

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