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My Soul Looks Back: Jessica B. Harris interviewed by Boyd Tonkin

Saturday, March 17 2018, 2pm - 3pm, at St Cross College, St Giles, Oxford


As part of the Oxford Cultural Collective’s contribution to the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival, acclaimed US writer Jessica B Harris is interviewed by Boyd Tonkin of The Independent, about her captivating memoir, My Soul Looks Back.


Tickets £7 to £12.50.  To book, follow this link.


In Jessica Harris’s recent memoir, My Soul Looks Back, she recalls a lost era – the vibrant New York City of her youth, where her social circle included Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, Tonni Morrison and other members of the Black intelligentsia. In the Technicolor glow of the early seventies, Harris debated, celebrated, and danced her way from the jazz clubs of Manhattan’s West Side to the restaurants of the Village, living out her buoyant youth alongside the great minds of the day. My Soul Looks Back is her paean to that fascinating social circle and to the depth of their shared commitment to activism, intellectual engagement, and each other.

Jessica Harris is considered one of the pre-eminent scholars of the food and culture of the African Diaspora. She teaches at Queens College, City University of New York, and lectures internationally. Her articles have appeared in Vogue, The New York Times and Essence, amongst many other publications.  Harris is a Patron of the Oxford Cultural Collective.

Boyd Tonkin is Senior Writer and a columnist at The Independent. An award-winning journalist, he was formerly Literary Editor at The Independent, and before that Social Policy Editor and then Books Editor at the New Statesman magazine.


Tickets £7 to £12.50. To book, follow this link.

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