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OCC is thrilled to be working in partnership with Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year, the prestigious awards programme that celebrates the very best food photography from around the world.

Photographs have a far reaching presence in all of our lives.  Food photography, in particular, is becoming a prominent genre – not only since the advent of Instagram. The Oxford Cultural Collective is using its partnership to showcase outstanding images from around the world to explore the power of food photography to stimulate creative conversations.

This project is focused on making new connections and increasing cultural understanding. OCC will:

  • invite those who have made significant contributions in the worlds of food and drink to provide personal reflections on particular photographs;
  • publish documentary stories, told through photographs, about the role of food photography in fields such as publishing, advertising and personal branding;
  • revisit historic photographic archives and profile acclaimed photographers, past and present; and
  • share ideas on the psychology of photography and its potential to change perspectives, increase understanding and generate new thinking.

To learn more about our partner, visit the website of the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year.

(photos below: Tim Clinch – Tain L’hermitage and Mick Shippen – Salt of the Earth)


Consider how food photography can stimulate powerful memories, encourage us to reflect on the place of food in our lives and help us understand others.


Explore food photography in fields such as publishing and personal branding, learn about its power to generate new thinking and enjoy historic photographic archives.

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