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About OCC Masterclasses

Oxford Cultural Collective Masterclasses provide you with opportunities for personal and professional development and, in many cases, they will help with planning for your career advancement. 

All of our tutors are recognised experts in their fields. Drawing on their knowledge and extensive experience they will use OCC Masterclasses to share valuable insights. 



  • Oxford Cultural Collective masterclasses are operated by Oxford Cultural Collective Ltd. (referred to in terms and conditions as OCC), a private limited company (company number 12633731).
  • To contact OCC email occ@oxfordculturalcollective.com
  • By booking an OCC masterclass you accept these terms and conditions.


Terms and conditions

  1. Participation
  • Participants in ‘face-to-face’ masterclasses should be 18 or over
  • In order the get the maximum benefit from OCC masterclasses you should arrive (for face-to-face masterclasses) or log-on (for online masterclasses) promptly.
  • For online masterclasses you will be sent a webinar link, via email, on the day of your masterclass, which will enable you to gain access to the masterclass at its scheduled start time. In advance of your online masterclass you will be sent, via email, information about the online ‘platform’ that will be used to deliver the masterclass.
  • After booking your masterclass you will be sent a confirmation email.
  • Bookings are non-transferable and must not be resold of passed to others. For online masterclasses you must not make your log-on details available to anyone else.
  • At face-to-face masterclasses, the use of photographic or recording equipment is prohibited. Online masterclasses must not be recorded in any format (i.e. video or audio).
  • Restrictions may apply, for face-to-face masterclasses, on items that can be taken into venues. You will be notified of any such restrictions in advance.


2. Tickets and fees

  • Full payment of fees for masterclasses is required at the time of booking.
  • No refunds are available for non-attendance at masterclasses if you have not cancelled your booking in advance.
  • Tickets are non-transferable.
  • Full refunds (excluding booking fees) will be paid to you if you cancel your attendance (via OCC’s ‘eventbrite’ bookings pages) in advance of masterclasses taking place.
  • Booking fees (charged by ‘eventbrite’ – the booking platform used by OCC) are nonrefundable. There are two exceptions to this rule. Booking fees will be refunded by eventbrite if a masterclass is cancelled or if you are charged multiple times in error and a request for a refund is made, directly to eventbrite, within 7 days of purchase.
  • OCC cannot guarantee that refunds will be made available if masterclasses are cancelled for reasons beyond our control. In such cases, refunds will be made at OCC’s discretion.
  • OCC does not provide refunds if we have to change the tutor or venue (but of course you are able to cancel in advance and receive a full refund).
  • OCC is entitled to make minor changes to the date, time and content of all masterclasses and to the venue for face-to-face masterclasses. You will be informed in advance of any changes that are being made.
  • If it is necessary to change the tutor for any masterclass, OCC will ensure any replacement tutor has similar expertise.
  • If OCC has to cancel a masterclass, other than for reasons beyond our control, participants will receive full refunds of fees.



  • We welcome feedback from participants. You will be sent an online evaluation form after your masterclass, which enables you to provide feedback.
  • If you have a complaint, you should make it in writing within seven days of your masterclass ending. We will respond as quickly as possible, at the latest within 28 days.



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