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Andi Oliver with students and staff from Ulster University.

Andi Oliver, the much loved chef, TV presenter, author and OCC Patron, hosted the latest Culinary Salon dinner, from the Oxford Cultural Collective and Ulster University’s Academy: the Centre for Food, Drink and Culture.

Featuring many of the UK and Ireland’s most prominent and admired food professionals, the Culinary Salon series delivers outstanding learning experiences for students and is gathering a loyal following of customers from across Northern Ireland.

Held on 3rd May 2023, the event began during the afternoon with a public ‘in conversation’ session between Andi and Donald Sloan, OCC Chair. They discussed Andi’s new cookbook, The Pepperpot Diaries: Stories from my Caribbean Table, which is a joyous exploration of Caribbean food culture, brought to life through her personal memories and reflections. They also explored Andi’s life and career, the influence of the Caribbean Diaspora in the UK and how we might face up to our shared history, in order to navigate a more harmonious future.

The dinner, designed by Andi and featuring dishes from The Pepperpot Diaries, was prepared by Ulster University’s Culinary Arts Management students and the chef team from the Academy restaurant.

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