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EP Magazine partners with Oxford Cultural Collective to support ‘Migrations: all our voices’



EP Magazine, the publication that promotes progressive thinking in the UK hospitality industry, has become a key partner in Migrations: all our voices. The aim of the partnership is to work with organisations in the food sector to break down cultural barriers and to promote understanding and respect.


Migrations: all our voices, will celebrate cultural difference as a positive and defining characteristic of the UK hospitality industry. The industry relies on and welcomes workers of many different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. In addition, more than any other sector of the UK economy, hospitality visibly represents the migrant communities that have shaped UK society over generations. This project will encourage reflection on the hospitality industry’s responsibility to its culturally diverse community – something that is particularly relevant during the current period of political upheaval and uncertainty. It will champion the role of hospitality in bringing together people from different walks of life, to work and learn together in a spirit of openness and conviviality.

EP will support those elements of this initiative that are focused on achieving positive cultural change in food and drink sector companies and organisations. This will include:

For EP Magazine, partnering on this project reflects its wider commitment to corporate wellness. It is working with a range of stakeholders to promote holistic approaches to employee health and wellbeing. EP is leading conversations on key issues such as: business organisations’ responsibilities to society, including to the natural environment, to communities and to people; enhancing organisational productivity through progressive and respectful employment practice; and supporting social mobility, in part through the use of role models, coaching and mentoring.

Chris Sheppardson, Founder and CEO of EP, commented:  “We are delighted to be partner with the Oxford Cultural Collective as food today plays such an important role in bringing people together in this highly volatile, unsettled period. The Hospitality Industry has always been culturally diverse and it can play a true and leading role today in society. People do want to come together and food allows this to happen in an open and often compassionate spirit. The core ethos of EP is based of sharing knowledge and ideas and this campaign reflects everything that we do strive for and believe in.”



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