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OCC Trust to support students and early career professionals


1st December 2020


The OCC Trust, a newly registered charity, will support the educational agenda of the Oxford Cultural Collective. The Trust will serve two primary objectives. It will:


Martin Holden-White – Chair of OCC Trust

The Chair of Trustees, Martin Holden-White, outlines his ambitions for the Trust. “We are all aware this is a tough period for the hospitality, food and drink sectors. It is definitely the time for us to be supporting young people who are setting out on their careers. In the coming months we will be announcing the launch of new awards and scholarships, building on those we already offer, which will provide personal and professional development opportunities for students and early career employees. In addition to the public recognition afforded to award recipients, they will receive tangible support, including financial grants, study trips overseas and access to mentors.

“We hope that employers, colleges and universities will actively engage. Encouraging young people to apply for awards is such a powerful means of acknowledging their talents, contributions and potential.

“I’ve recently moved from pursuing a corporate career to becoming self-employed, by founding Grubby. Without mentoring support from others throughout my career, I’m not sure I would have had the confidence to take this step.  That makes it all the more special to be part of the OCC Trust, which aims to help those who are starting out in their careers.”

The OCC Trust will also support the Oxford Cultural Collective’s socially progressive agenda, focused on widening access to education and promoting cultural inclusion and equality.  From projects that promote the valuable contribution to British hospitality of those from migrant communities, to empowering young women in Bangladesh through culinary arts education, the newly formed charity will open up new funding streams that enable the Oxford Cultural Collective to strengthen its positive impact.


For more information on Trustees and on current awards and scholarships, follow this link.


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