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Regenerative Hospitality Summit 2024 – Transylvania – 5th to 8th May 2024

“As humanity now faces a ‘permanent poly crisis’, incremental change is inadequate. Only systems change will do. Regenerative approaches enable hospitality to realise its higher purpose – the healthy flourishing of people, place and enterprise.”


Anna Pollock – keynote speaker, OCC Patron and tourism strategist



Casa Ratiu, Turda, Transylvania

5th to 8th May, 2024

Bookings open soon


Promoting the power of hospitality, food and drink organisations to help natural ecosystems, communities and places thrive.


A unique international gathering, hosted by Ulster University and the Oxford Cultural Collective.


Our keynote speakers and delegates will share their expertise and experience of initiatives that have regenerative impact, benefiting the environment and society, whilst redefining business success.


Full details on keynote speakers to follow


The Regenerative Hospitality Summit will:



There is a growing realisation that food, drink and hospitality businesses could play a more active role in shaping a radically different future, in which natural ecosystems are restored and people and places thrive. Whilst the hospitality industry’s commitment to sustainability, focused on ‘doing less harm’, has been laudable, it has not proven sufficient to tackle the diverse crises (climate change, biodiversity loss, economic inequities and social injustices) now threatening the health and vitality of nature and communities.

Delegates will explore the compelling business case for regenerative hospitality, and consider whether businesses that act and think regeneratively are our sector’s new progressive leaders.


Distinctive format

The Summit will be run on a ‘think tank’ basis. Round-table discussions, structured and led by expert chairs, will enable deep exploration of key issues, the sharing of personal experiences and the formation of action-oriented agendas.


Who should attend?

Organisational decision-makers: leaders, entrepreneurs, chefs, producers, policy makers, destination managers and academics, who are committed to reframing food, drink and hospitality organisations, in ways that benefit the natural environment, communities and business.


Your Transylvanian Experience

The Summit is being held in the heart of magical Transylvania, which will be a source of inspiration to delegates.

Our location will be Casa Ratiu, a collection of historic houses set around a lush courtyard, incorporating a modern conference centre, outdoor dining areas, the Papillon Café and individually designed bedrooms.

Casa Ratiu is run as a social enterprise, supporting the work of the Ratiu Democracy Centre, promoting active citizenship, celebrating Transylvanian culture and providing employment for local people.

Casa Ratiu

Calls to contribute 

The Summit provides an opportunity to share information on projects that achieve regenerative impact. Delegates are invited to submit proposals to showcase their own projects, reflecting the Summit’s themes.  Follow this link for calls to contribute.


Social programme

The Summit’s social programme is as important as its keynotes and workshops. Informal events will enable delegates to enjoy each other’s company, explore shared interests and consider future working partnerships. Special dinners from chefs Romy Gill MBE and Paul Bloomfield, assisted by Culinary Arts Management students from Ulster University, will create memorable experiences.

Chefs Romy Gill MBE and Paul Bloomfield



£600 + VAT – full delegates fee including all sessions, accommodation, meals and social programme (single occupancy).

£500 + VAT – full delegates fee including all sessions, accommodation, meals and social programme (double occupancy).

£400 + VAT – delegate fee without accommodation (accommodation in Casa Ratiu is provided on a first-come basis).



Contact the Oxford Cultural Collective (email: occ@oxfordculturalcollective.com)

Regenerative Hospitality Summit website will be live soon. It will include details of Summit themes, travel arrangements, delegate registrations and call for contributions.



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