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Skye Gyngell – why I’m attending Regenerative Hospitality Summit 2024


5th to 8th May 2024

Casa Ratiu, Turda, Transylvania

Oxford Cultural Collective in partnership with Ulster University


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Acclaimed chef Skye Gyngell, of Heckfield Place and Spring, explains why she is attending the forthcoming Regenerative Hospitality Summit in Transylvania, and what she is hoping to get from the experience.

Delegates at Regenerative Hospitality Summit 2024 will explore how to harmonise the activities of hospitality, food and drink organisations, with the natural ecosystems, communities and places of which they are a part, to help them thrive, in ways that are also good for business.

Contributors including Skye Gyngell will share their personal experiences as champions of regenerative practice, outlining why they believe this approach has come of age, and why the hospitality sector as a whole should be taking note.


From Skye Gyngell


What are you hoping will be the value of attending the Regenerative Hospitality Summit? 

SG: “I’ve always felt the best way for me to have an impact in improving sustainability within the hospitality industry is simply by doing the work and proving it can be a viable approach. By joining the Regenerative Hospitality Summit, I hope to share what’s worked well for us at Spring and Heckfield Place and learn new concepts and perspectives from leaders in this field from all over the world.”


How would you summarise the ‘regenerative’ approach adopted at Heckfield Place?

SG: “Heckfield Place embraces a regenerative approach in several ways, perhaps the most significant being our organic farm and biodynamic market garden. The hotel and wider estate all operate with the central ethos that everything begins with the soil.  We are always looking at ways to improve our regenerative commitment, whether that’s by reducing waste, expanding our reliance on renewable energy, enhancing our conservation efforts of the woodlands, or sharing the knowledge we learn with the wider community. Heckfield Place aims to nurture the environment while providing guests with an immersive and rejuvenating experience.”


Heckfield Place

What is the key to encouraging more hospitality businesses to embrace regenerative practice?

SG: “The key to encouraging more hospitality businesses to embrace regenerative practices lies in elevating awareness of its value to operators. This includes highlighting not only the benefits to the environment and community, but also how such practices can underpin business success.”


We will be gathering in a pretty special part of Europe – what expectations do you have of Transylvania?

SG: “I’ve never been to Transylvania before and, honestly, I have no real sense of what to expect. My only real expectation is to leave feeling reenergised and inspired – both from the summit and also from exploring a completely new place where my senses can really hone in on all the new stimulus!”



Originally from Australia, Skye Gyngell is now one of Britain’s most acclaimed chefs. After training in Sydney and Paris, Skye moved to London to work at The French House and with a number of high-profile private clients before taking on the role of head chef at Petersham Nurseries. In 2014, Skye opened Spring as her first solo venture. The restaurant brings Skye’s acclaimed ingredient-led cooking to the New Wing of Somerset House, the renowned arts and cultural centre in the heart of the West End. Skye also serves as Culinary Director at Heckfield Place. She has been instrumental in guiding the culinary concept, working closely with the Heckfield Home Farm team to serve produce grown on the estate.

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