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Jeremiah Tower

Patron of the Oxford Cultural Collective, chef, author and 'father of modern American cuisine'.

Kayako Sareen – 40 Years

Jeremiah Tower reflects on 40 Years by Kayako Sareen

What appeals to me about this category – Food in Action – is that it gets to the essence of preparing food, not just displaying or styling it.

This particular photo captures the reality of every-day life in a commercial kitchen, for everyone from the dishwasher to the Sous Chef. It reminds us that no matter how glamorous the restaurant, the whole process is reliant on a clean pot, and they are a bugger to get clean.

I feel the pain of this man who has been washing pots for forty years. I wish I could say that this is where I started and that I can relate to him, but actually I was Executive Chef on my first day at Chez Panisse!



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