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Jean Roberts

Patron of the Oxford Cultural Collective, photographer and psychologist

John Armstrong-Millar – Wedding Feast Preparation

Jean Roberts reflects on Wedding Feast Preparation by John Armstrong-Millar.

The pear – elevated to jewel-like status.

I love this behind the scenes image of everything coming together. It makes me remember the drama of formal dining when a new course arrives at the same time for everyone. I’m curious to know what else was on the menu.

This woman looks quietly confident about having things ready to go to table on time. On the other side of the door the party is in full swing, noise levels are high, someone is probably worrying about having to give a speech.

When I look at this picture I think of the different roles we all take on as we go through life, mastering some of them and letting others go. Life is multi faceted. On this day this woman looks like she is on top of her game working in the kitchen, another day she will be a guest at a party.

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