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Jean Roberts

Jean loves working with interesting people on interesting projects. She hit her stride many years ago when she left the world of international banking and corporate HR to set up her private practice in Occupational Psychology.

Her experience in helping organisations to become more effective and her interest in how people learn and what motivates them to do great work make her a valuable collaborative partner in a wide variety of projects.

So far, projects have ranged from international conferences and leadership development programmes to documentary films about extraordinary people. Often the focus is on issues such as leadership, brand values, change management, engagement, motivation and trust. Projects might set out to answer essential but important questions such as what success looks like, or what makes a person or an organisation memorable?

She works internationally in UK and often in Dubai, Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia, helping people to cope with transitions and to build fulfilling careers. She specialises in creating tailor made learning experiences and advising on professional development activities. As a coach she works with individuals of all ages to enable them to seek out potential and develop talent in themselves and others.

Recently she has introduced photography as an additional tool in her repertoire, finding a number of ways to use it creatively to increase cross cultural understanding and generate discussion.

Over the years through her work in schools and universities she has taken an active interest in the student experience and how it prepares a young person for work. She regularly delivers student learning activities and runs a variety of career development programmes.

Almost without trying she has become a keen consumer of food and drink around the world and an acute observer of trends and brand strengths in the sector. Along with many others she has discovered the life enhancing opportunities for positive change that a shared interest in food, drink and culture can provide.

For more information, visit Jean’s website by following this link.

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