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Anna Klenert

Anna Klenert is an educator and mentor who has over 20 years experience in the design, delivery and management of higher education.  She is a Senior Lecturer for Hospitality Operations at the Oxford School of Hospitality Management, Oxford Brookes University.

Anna is a strong advocate of leadership and talent development through coaching and mentoring. Her contributions to mentoring have included directing the Bacchus Mentoring Programme within the Oxford School of Hospitality Management. This has extended to mentoring and developing students for internships in the hospitality, tourism and event sectors in the UK and Zambia.

She is passionate about helping others achieve self-worth, and as such her PhD research is focused on how coaching can support women’s leadership development in Zambia and other non-western environments.  She is particularly interested in the development of women leaders and youth in developing countries.  Her consulting experience includes training needs analysis and capacity development projects in hospitality, tourism and business skills in countries such as Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mali.

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