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Martin Holden-White

Martin Holden-White is the founder of Grubby, which aims to make cooking and eating plant-based foods more accessible, convenient and tasty, without it costing the earth.  Launched in 2019, the original plan for Grubby was to provide ‘pick-up’ points in clients’ offices, from where employees could collect recipe kits, containing fresh ingredients, recipes accessed online an accompanying spotify playlists. For busy workers, Grubby’s kits would make preparing food at home an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

When covid hit and corporate offices closed, a rapid rethink was required. In response to the developing crisis, Grubby began delivering meals to NHS staff across London. The positive feedback gave Martin the confidence to start delivering directly to consumers.

Grubby has now secured substantial investment and is set for rapid growth.  When the UK emerges from the current public health crisis, Grubby will resume its pick-up service from corporate offices, whilst maintaining a national home-delivery service. Martin was recently awarded a Government Sustainable Innovation Grant, a significant level of funding “for innovative new businesses developing technologies focused on reducing carbon footprint and initiatives oriented towards environmental sustainability.”

Martin was previously a Business Development Manager with BaxerStorey, one of the UK’s leading foodservice companies. He was responsible for developing and pitching new hospitality concepts to prospective clients across multiple business sectors.

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