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Ken Hom – Lee Kum Kee Scholarship 2021 – Rules of entry


The scholarship is open students enrolled at European higher education institutions on diploma or degree programmes in hospitality, culinary arts or tourism (or related subject areas) and to those who graduated in 2020 or 2019, who are now working in hospitality or tourism.



All candidates are required to complete Stage 1.  Only shortlisted candidates are required to complete Stage 2.

Applications open on 6th May 2021 and close on 4th October 2021.

Stage 1

Applicants are required to submit:

  • Written response to question. Prepare a written response to your chosen question (from the list provided – below).  This should be no more than 500 words.
  • Short video. Record a short video of yourself (no more than two minutes in length) explaining why you are an ideal candidate for the Ken Hom – Lee Kum Kee Scholarship.
  • Curriculum vitae.


Applicants should address one of the following questions, through a concise written report that is no more than 500 words in length:

  1. Are Chinatowns in decline? Given their important role as locations that promote and protect China’s distinctive culinary heritage, what can be done to help Chinatowns thrive in the future?
  2. What is the impact of international restaurant rankings (such as the World’s Best 50) on perceptions of Asian cuisine? You may want to comment on status, profile, authenticity or the reputation of renowned chefs.
  3. China has a rich and varied culinary culture, characterised by regional differences in ingredients, techniques and traditions. Despite such diversity, why does Cantonese cuisine continue to dominate the Chinese restaurant sector across Europe?
  4. Are we witnessing a new era of creativity and innovation in Chinese cuisine (evident in restaurants worldwide)? If so, how would you characterise this trend, and what is driving it?
  5. As for much of the hospitality industry, the covid crisis has had a profound effect on the Asian restaurant sector. What has been the impact of the covid crisis, and what creative tactics might Asian restaurant operators adopt to achieve business recovery?
  6. In what ways are Asian cooking techniques, flavours and styles influencing culinary practice and tastes in Western nations?


Some advice:

Your written response

  • Topic. Choose a topic (from the list provided) in which you have a genuine interest.
  • Focus. Be sure to answer the specific question that has been asked.
  • Evidence. Show that you have used credible sources of evidence to support your answer.
  • Style. Be concise and present a well-constructed answer in a fluent style.

Your short video (maximum three minutes)

  • We are looking or candidates who have an international outlook, are enthusiastic about their education and work and who would embrace the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong to learn about Chinese culinary culture.  Use your video to introduce yourself, to outline key aspects of your experience, to convey your hopes for the future and the tell us why you should receive the Ken Hom Scholarship.
  • Your short video should be submitted via WeTransfer to occ@oxfordculturalcollective.com.  (note – WeTransfer files cannot exceed 2GB)



  • Applications must be submitted by 12 noon (UK time) on 4th October 2021, by email to occ@oxfordculturalcollective.com
  • Enter ‘Ken Hom Scholarship application’ as the ‘subject’ of your email.
  • Submit your written application using this Application form.


Checklist – applications must include:

  1. Completed application form, including 500-word response to your chosen question.
  2. Your short video, of no more than three minutes, submitted via WeTransfer.
  3. Your curriculum vitae.


Stage 2 – interview

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview (via an online platform such as zoom) with the judging panel.

The interview will focus on candidates’ answers to their chosen question and on their personal experience, skill, attributes and hopes for the future.

The judging panel will include Ken Hom OBE (chef, writer and broadcaster), Maria Chong (Managing Director of Lee Kum Kee Europe) and Donald Sloan (Chair of the Oxford Cultural Collective)



Entry is open to

  • Students of any nationality who are enrolled on higher education degree or diploma programmes in hospitality or culinary arts (or related fields) in any European-based educational institutions.
  • Graduates of any nationality who have successfully completed higher education degree or diploma programme in hospitality or culinary arts (or related fields) in any European-based educational institutions within the last two years, and who are now working in hospitality. This includes all those who graduated at any point in 2020 or 2019.

Submission criteria

  • Applicants must meet published submission deadlines.
  • Applicants will not receive any feedback on their submissions. The decision of OCC on the shortlisting process is final.
  • Applicants are required to adhere to all submission criteria.
  • Candidates must submit wholly original work. Submissions will not be shortlisted if they display any evidence of plagiarism.
  • Students are required to provide proof (via a senior representative of their educational institution) that they are still enrolled on their degree programme at the time of the submission deadline. Graduates are required to submit proof of graduation and a reference from their employer, including proof of employment.
  • Applicants must confirm they have the legal right to travel as part of the winning team, for a week-long immersive trip to Hong Kong in January 2022 (covid travel guidance permitting). Winners are responsible for making their own visa arrangements and covering visa costs.

Permissions – for future marketing communications purposes

  • The Oxford Cultural Collective and Lee Kum Kee assume the right to publish the videos and written entries of shortlisted candidates on their websites and to post via social media.



6th May 2021:  applications open

4th October:  applications close

Mid-October 2021:  shortlist announced via website and social media (shortlisted candidates will contacted)

Early November 2021:  interviews with shortlisted candidates

November 2021:  winners announced

January 2022:  winners’ trip to Hong Kong





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