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Finding your voice: building a personal narrative, with Zoe Adjonyoh

Monday 22nd March 2021 – 5 to 7pm (time zone – GMT) (online)

£32 (approx. $43) (plus booking fee). Limited number of ‘early bird’ tickets available at £28 (approx. £38) (plus booking fee)

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Join Zoe Adjonyoh to learn how an appreciation of storytelling, authenticity and structured narrative can help you find your tribe and grow you and your food business faster.

The power of story is, in my opinion what drives our obsession with food beyond mere sustenance. Who made it? Where and Why? All these ideas and more are parts of story that peak our interest in a cuisine, a chef, a restaurant a farm and so on. So how do we build narratives that serve us well? What are the current dominant narratives around food that don’t’ serve us well when we think about, write about and cook food? Most importantly, how do we set our own narratives so that our story is accurately reflected, heard and told and why is this important? How do we find our own story and narrative and the power of our own voices in a climate of de-colonisation and ever increasing intersectionality.


  • An overview of what is story and its place in food.
  • What is narrative intelligence?
  • how can we create more inclusivity and equity in food?
  • What can we do to set, change and disrupt narratives that are not useful?
  • How can this impact leadership to drive change?
  • How can you take control of your own narrative to match your vision and purpose in your career?
  • Q & A discussion.

Tutor profile

Zoe Adjonyoh (she/her) is a chef, writer and activist from South East London. Zoe’s work in food sits at the intersection of food, culture, politics and identity and she is one the ‘founding chefs’ of New African Cuisine – a new gastronomy from Africa. Zoe Adjonyoh is the Author of Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen cookbook published by Mitchell & Beazley in 2017 and is the founder of two West African food concepts: Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen and Sankofa as well as Co-Founder of Black Book (blackbook-global.com), a platform for promoting diversity in the food industry and in food systems. Zoe Adjonyoh is an award winning chef with a mission to introduce the world to the glorious ingredients of the African continent whilst simultaneously de-colonising food systems, providing new platforms for visibility and improving the wider industry for non-white participants within it.  Zoe meditates every morning and drinks too much tea.

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