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How to build a brand, with Yasmin Khan

Monday 12th October 2020 – 5 to 7pm (online)

£32 (plus booking fee). Limited number of ‘early bird’ tickets available at £28 (plus booking fee)

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Join Yasmin Khan for an engaging and interactive masterclass on how to create a meaningful and successful personal or business brand. Learn easy tricks on how to stand out in a saturated market, grow your audience and customer base, raise your income and better connect your work to your mission so that you can reach the widest possible numbers of people with what you do.

Today there are more food writers, cookbooks, restaurants, pop ups and food entrepreneurs than ever before. The ones that succeed do so not only because they deliver high quality content, consistently, over time, but also because they have built a memorable brand. This masterclass demystifies brand-building and teaches practical tips on how you can grow your business or personal enterprises, reach the audience you want and build long term engagement with them by creating a meaningful story that will enable your audience to know what to expect from you, know how to distinguish you from any competitors and choose you as the best choice. It will also share advice on how to future-proof your brand, so can remain adaptable and relevant in times of crisis.


  • What is a brand and why does it matter?
  • How to find your own unique voice and develop a personal mission statement.
  • Developing a visual identity.
  • Mapping the market and connecting with you ideal audience.
  • Media and social media tips.
  • Maintaining and adapting a brand in times of crisis.
  • Q & A discussion.

Tutor profile

Yasmin Khan is an award-winning and best-selling cookbook author, broadcaster and communications consultant who has been running national and international communications campaigns for over 15 years. Her books, Zaitoun and The Saffron Tales, use everyday stories of human connection to challenge stereotypes of the Middle East and her forthcoming cookbook, Ripe Figs, explores the food of the Eastern Mediterranean and will be published in Spring 2021.

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