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Scholarships and Awards

The OCC Trust’s scholarships and awards provide opportunities for creative personal and professional development for those who study or work in the fields of hospitality and gastronomy. The Trust currently offers two awards, and the formation of several others is due to be announced soon.

Scholarships and awards are offered on a competitive basis.



The Lou Willcock Scholarship  

The annual Lou Willcock Scholarship provides grant of up to £10,000 to support the development of young hospitality professionals. It gives those with high potential the opportunity to engage in a creative project, of their own design, which will enhance their skills and attributes and ideally have a positive impact on others.

The Scholarship honours the legacy of Lou Willcock (1961 to 2018), a close friend and colleague of many in the OCC community, who was a creative force in hospitality. Follow this link to learn more.



The Yan-Kit So Memorial Award for Food Writers on Asia

The biennial Yan-Kit So Memorial Award for Food Writers on Asia enables aspiring food writers to fulfil their dreams to research, travel and write a cookbook focused on any aspect of Asian food and food culture.

Winners received a grant of up to £2500 to fund travel and research expenses.

Follow this link to learn more.






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