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Partnerships with purpose: seeking brands that take a stand

28th October 2020


The Oxford Cultural Collective promotes a progressive social agenda in the worlds of food, drink and hospitality.

We are seeking new project partners – particularly businesses who want to help shape conversations about issues of the day, from social inclusion and cultural diversity to nurturing talent and reshaping education. 


We want to build alliances with corporates who:


The Oxford Cultural Collective provides opportunities for partners to become aligned with projects with purpose, which often involve leading thinkers and practitioners. In addition to being valuable in their own right, such activities can strengthen a brand’s perceived ‘meaning’, which in turn enhances internal organisational culture and appeals to loyal clients and customers. Each partnership is unique and is constructed to ensure genuine mutual benefit.


Current projects

Through projects run in partnership with forward-thinking corporates, universities and prominent figures from food media, the Oxford Cultural Collective seeks to challenge orthodox thinking and influence practice in business and education, in ways that benefit individuals, organisations and communities. Our aim is to achieve demonstrable, positive impact through creative, collaborative projects.  How do we do this?


Baroness Helena Kennedy – launching ‘Migrations’ series

Public engagement

Whilst face-to-face gatherings are on hold for now, we are looking forward to resuming life-affirming events, particularly those which give a voice to communities facing disproportionate challenges.

Migrations: all our voices, is a series of food-focused public events that acknowledge, explore and celebrate the positive contribution of migrant communities to UK society.  Contributors share a sense concern about the consequences of a strengthening populist agenda which undermines those from minority groups. Speakers have included Baroness Helena Kennedy, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Romy Gill, Yasmin Khan, Claudia Roden and Fozia Ismail.


Asma Khan – Asian Culinary Culture series

Asian Culinary Culture, in partnership with Lee Kum Kee and Asia House, is a series which explores the immense contribution of Chinese and South East Asian communities to the UK’s diverse culinary culture.  Contributors have included Asma Khan, Ching-He Huang, Fuchsia Dunlop, Jay Rayner, Jeremy Chan, Alan Yau, Andrew Wong, Bee Wilson, Vivienne Lo and Ken Hom.


Scholarships and Awards

Forming an important aspect of our educational agenda, our scholarships and awards support young people who are studying and working in the fields of gastronomy and hospitality.  We are committed to nurturing the talents of those who want to build careers in our sector.  With the recent formation of the Oxford Cultural Collective Trust, a registered charity, our range of scholarships is set to grow.


Don Sloan – interview in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Educational partnerships

In Bangladesh, we are establishing the Daffodil Oxford Centre of Excellence for Hospitality, a specialist educational institute that will support social enterprise, as a means of addressing systemic challenges in society, and empower young women, through a role modelling and mentoring initiative.

With Ulster University we are working on an ambitious and wide-ranging project that will use hospitality and gastronomy to strengthen the institution’s civic contribution, including to the ongoing development of Northern Ireland as a leading food and drink destination. Our focus is also on widening access to higher education, enhancing the learning experience for students and building a supportive network for entrepreneurs.  An announcement on this will be coming soon.




We believe empowering educational experiences should be open to the widest possible audience.  Our permanent, international programme of masterclasses is designed with this in mind. Delivered by renowned experts, including academics, journalists, authors, chefs, activists and broadcasters, they equip participants with knowledge and skills to help them face the future with confidence.  Early contributors include Yasmin Khan, Felicity Cloake, Zoe Adjonyoh, Julian Baggini, Karen Barnes, Nik Sharma, Jessica B. Harris, Jean Roberts, Levi Roots and Lolis Eric Elie.


A new educational institute

The Oxford Cultural Collective is contributing to a national conversation about the future of hospitality and culinary arts education in the UK.  We are questioning if the current higher education system meets the needs of students and employers, in a world that is much less predictable than before. Ultimately, we are seeking to launch a new educational institute, to operate sit outside the established university system, which will set new standards for education in our field.



To discuss alignment of your brand with any aspect of Oxford Cultural Collective’s socially progressive agenda, make direct contact with Don Sloan (dsloan@oxfordculturalcollectve.com).

Partnerships are constructed to ensure genuine mutual benefit.


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