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The launch of the Oxford Cultural Collective

Donald Sloan outlines the founding principles and aims of The Oxford Cultural Collective.

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Looking Back at ‘My Soul Looks Back’ – Jessica B. Harris

Jessica B. Harris, award-winning food historian and Patron of the Oxford Cultural Collective, recently published her evocative memoir, ‘My Soul Looks Back’. Here she considers her move from writing cookbooks to writing narrative. 

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A Chinese Feast – In Transylvania

Don Sloan reports on his most recent visit to Transylvania – including a Chinese feast and an encounter with royalty.

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A teacher at heart

Chef Ken Hom reflects on his commitment to the educational mission of the Oxford Cultural Collective.

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Food and Community

Food and wine writer Marc Millon considers the role of food and drink in strengthening community relations.

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Oxford Eats: How food cultures evolve

Food writer Geraldene Holt considers the ongoing evolution of local food cultures.

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