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Jean Roberts on ‘Wedding Feast’ by John Armstrong-Millar

Jean Roberts reflects on Wedding Feast Preparation by John Armstrong-Millar. The pear – elevated to jewel-like status. I love this behind the scenes image of everything coming together. It makes me remember the drama of formal dining when a new course arrives at the same time for everyone. I’m curious to know what else was […]

Geraldene Holt on ‘Winter Barbeque’ by Mark Benham

  Geraldene Holt reflects on Winter Barbeque by Mark Benham This photo speaks of the pleasure and happiness shared in the timeless activity of cooking over a wood fire at night. Five children and four adults, plus the photographer, are gathered around a metal fire pit. The joy and contentment of the event is evident […]

Jeremiah Tower on ’40 Years’ by Kayako Sareen

Jeremiah Tower reflects on 40 Years by Kayako Sareen What appeals to me about this category – Food in Action – is that it gets to the essence of preparing food, not just displaying or styling it. This particular photo captures the reality of every-day life in a commercial kitchen, for everyone from the dishwasher […]

Jeremy Lee on ‘Kanshat Mango Market’ by Mohammed Mostafigur Rahman

Jeremy Lee reflects on Kanshat Mongo Market by Mohammed Mostafigure Rahman. The sheer abundance of one ingredient in such glorious display has an exuberance and vitality that makes a great market a spirited and wonderful  place to visit and shop, meet, greet, buy and be very much inspired. This beautiful photograph, a vivid championing  of […]

Marc Millon on ‘Farmer in Red Turban with Flock’ by Hamish Scott-Brown

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Ken Hom on ‘Morning Noodles’ by Tim Green

    Ken Hom reflects on Morning Noodles by Tim Green This photo features a lady dining alone, enjoying a hearty bowl of noodles. I have no idea where this photo was taken, but it could certainly be in one of the many Chinatowns that I’ve got to know around the world, in which fabulous street […]


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